HCC Church History

1870 – HCC was organized and a group of people began meeting in the schoolhouse.

1880 – 67 members

1939 – 50 people came forward during a revival.

1942 – HCC voted to have two services a month instead of one.

1961 – First fellowship supper in the new fellowship hall.

1963 – HCC was used by the school for two years after a school fire.

1980 – New sanctuary was built.

1998 – Disaffiliated from the “Disciples of Christ” denomination becoming non-denominational.

2007 – Added on to the sanctuary to make space for growth.

2013 – Asked how we could reach more people with the resources we had been given.

2014 – Initiated a Summer staff program, children’s church, and hired an assistant minister.

2015 – Began two worship services in order to make room for growth.

2015 – Easter Sunday services had 350+ in attendance.

2016 and beyond – HCC continues to ask how we can reach this community with the gospel.


Comes from a line in section 1.10.32.